The art of forging. The history of a city, the eternal tradition.

Our history is the history of our town: Maniago, the city of the knife. It sounds like the name of a legend, yet it is reality. Because here the knife is not just a blade. It is an idea.An idea that the Maniaghesi (demonym) cutlers have been chasing since ancient times. Since Venice in the 400s supplied its troops with the blades of our cutlery works, known throughout Europe for their unattainable craftsmanship.

Iron working is not a common thing. A piece of rough metal takes shape from thought. From the will of a master. From their expert hands, capable of shaping it from the shapeless and incandescent red, to the smooth and shining grey of a unique piece. Not just a blade: the essence of the Maniaghese cutlery.

Of course, our company is not as old as the tradition of our town. But it originates from it. Giusto Grisostolo, our founder, started in 1949, producing pencil sharpeners. A small activity of the past. Times when industry existed, but it was not the giant of today and a small artisan could prosper, if their work was done with diligence.

So, after 20 years of sharpeners, Giusto expanded his production to the hot forging of knives of all kinds for the most famous companies all over the world, but without ever forgetting his origins. Our company was officially born: Icar. An artisan business with industrial reach. A company that has never stopped chasing that idea that has been tickling the minds of the Maniaghesi cutlers for centuries: the perfect knife.

Over the years, here at Icar we have expanded our production and today we forge all kinds of things. Because ideas can have many shapes: scissors, ice axes, tools for farriers... unique shapes, coming from the minds of professionals and enthusiasts stimulated by the love for a trade or a sport until the conception of an idea: the idea of a perfect tool just waiting to take shape.

With that idea they come to us, they share it with our artisans, expert ironworkers capable of listening and understanding every detail and making it theirs. Like a son, their idea grows inside Icar. It develops its body. Unique, perfect, tailored to its natural owner. It is part of him. Like a son for his father.

At Icar we do not forge common knives, scissors, or sharpeners. At Icar we forge ideas.